Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A very sound business proposal for Brad Wall

Dear Mr. Wall;

I wish to advance a very good business opportunity to you. I have modeled this plan on the current arrangement the Province of Saskatchewan has with PotashCorp. It is a plan that will make money for you, make money for me and will help to illustrate how well you are managing our natural resources.

I propose that you permit me to rent out your family home in Swift Current. I am positive that I can find a good renter for the property and negotiate a very good rental amount.

I will ensure that the taxes are paid annually and that maintenance of the home is maintained.

In exchange, you will receive 4.5 cents for every dollar of rent that we are able to achieve! This is a sound proposal and you will certainly benefit from the $.045 from each dollar that you will receive!

Your ongoing advocacy for the current potash royalty structure in Saskatchewan illustrates what a great deal this would be for you and your family!

I eagerly await your affirmative response!

Sask Party Watch!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dirty dirty Saskatchewan Party election tricks exposed

Are Saskatatchewan people really that stupid?

In my mailbox today was an election flyer from my local Sask Party Candidate. As I read through it’s contents, I couldn’t help but think, are people in Saskatchewan really this stupid that we would believe these claims, facts and figures?

They claim:

“-A family of four earning $50 000 now pays $8000 less income tax than in 2007”
But did you know the average Sask income according to Stats Canada is actually $71200. But let’s stick with $50 000. A family earning $50 000 represents about 5% of the population. That same family has also experienced an annual inflation increase of 2.8%. That means they are now paying an additional $7000-8000 on their disposable income. And don’t forget provincial sales tax, a percentage of the actual items which has increased by 2.8% annually. It’s also important to note that the consumer price index does not include the costs of food or fuel, which have increased approximately 18 – 23% which would realistically increase the cost of living substantially, unless of course you don’t eat and walk everywhere you go.

“Reduced Government Debt: Has reduced debt by over $3 billion”
Once again, not divulging all the facts. If the Sask Party government did not repeatedly rape and pillage the Growth and Financial Security Fund (rainy day fund), or raid smash the profitable crowns piggy bank every year, the Sask party would have produced a deficit budget each year. Instead, they proudly announced a $20 million dollar surplus. There is now said to be an urgent need by crown corps to invest in infrastructure, neglected over the years. Interesting. Similar to picking your pocket when you’re not looking and then gifting back your own money to you. Interesting indeed.

“-Improved Health Care: There are now 900 more nurses and 200 more doctors working in our province.”
This is a great claim but it fails to also mention, according to the Sask Party web site, that the population has increased by 15 000 people since 2007. That means and additional doctor for every 75 people (assuming all 200 doctors are general practitioners) and 1 nurse for every 17 people (not considering the existing nursing shortage). As the provincial population increases, so does the demand on our human resources. This is not an improved health care. This is status quo health care. In fact, if you consider hospital closures, cuts to provincial chiropractic coverage, cuts to senior programs in Qu'appelle Health Region and cutting over 1800 jobs in social services care, to mention a few, our health care system is actually eroding at a slow and steady pace each year.

“-Investing in Infrastructure – over $4 biliion has been invested in roads, hospitals and schools.”
But did we forget not a few months back March 2010, when the provincial budget indicated a reduction in capital projects by over $700 million? Did we forget about the four year plan of laying off over 1800 government positions in the same 2010 budget?

“-Supporting Students – increased funding 40% - 650 new housing units, $2000 towards post secondary education.”
Due to Provincial funding shortfalls again, the University of Sask is raising tuition rates for 2010 by 5.2% Students in arts, agriculture, education, computer science and nursing courses will pay an additional 4.4 per cent in tuition. Law students will pay 9.8 per cent more for tuition, and medical students will pay an additional eight per cent. The Sask Party’s offer of $2000 over 4 years is not even enough to cover the needed rate increase of 3.2 per cent for the 2011-12 academic year - the $586 average increase in annual tuition. Would it not be easier to fund post secondary institutions such that tuitions could be frozen? I guess that wouldn’t have the same effect on a Sask Party brochure. Sounds like more “shell games” to me.

-Strengthening farm families – reduction in education property tax, cut farm taxes by 80%, funding crop insurance all time high $161 million.
This is the ultimate magic trick! Reduce the education tax on property in rural Sask, eliminate local boards ability to set mill rates, and instead provide that portion from provincial coffers, and the icing on the cake, they claim to be contributing more than ever to our education system. Yet teachers salaries don’t keep pace with inflation, educational assistants are reduces by 75%, and the entire Sask curriculum is renewed from k to 12 without additional resources to implement new curricula.

But the Sask. Party has done their homework indeed. The majority of his winning seats are in rural Saskatchewan. Keep the farmers happy as we approach an election year, and smooth sailing ahead indeed. Property taxes for the urban areas has been on a steady increase. In Saskatoon, property taxes increased 5.44% in 2008, 3.86% in 2010, with similar increases in Regina.

So what does the Saskatchewan Advantage Really mean?
Despite the UNPRECEDENTED Advertising campaign where you will see billboards, web site banners, flyers, image wrapped vehicles and on and on to the point where radio talk show host Vic Dubois complains, here are some statistics you won’t see on Sask Party Billboards:
· Crime rates – across Canada falls to lowest rate since 1973, but in Saskatchewan, still has the highest crime rates in the country with Regina reported the highest Crime Severity Index, followed by Saskatoon.
· Tax rates for business have been reduced from 4.5% to 2%
· Off-sale beer retailers get a break, with the government hiking their beer discount for the first time since 1993
Questionable advertising tactics
· Political parties are to refrain from campaign advertising prior to an election call, yet Sask. Party members have invested thousands in vehicles clad in party colors and members images, placed strategically throughout the city as roving billboards.
· Despite city bylaws prohibiting advertising on public property, Sask party candidates freely place their election signs, often in rows only a few feet apart, on boulevards entering neighborhoods creating a sea of visual pollution for all.
What I would like to know is why does the Sask Party feel the need to invest unprecedented money into advertising? I think you know the answer to that question. The Saskatchewan Advantage is real, but only for a select few. It is the essence of capitalism of which neither you nor I are included. If you can honestly say you are better off than you were four years ago, vote accordingly. If you cannot, if you pay more in property tax, provincial tax, income tax, fuel costs, food costs, energy costs; if your child is now in a classroom of 30+ students without support, if you pay more for chiropractic care, if your salary buys less today than it did four years ago, then you just realized the Saskboom is in reality, Saskadoom if we continue on this course.
“Capitalism: An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.”
Sask Party tactics

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"whatever the market detects ... er ... I mean dictates"

My favorite phony Saskatchewan Party caller to the John Gormley live show yesterday wasn't reading his script very well. At about the 10:55 AM mark of the show the caller misread his script. He said that "things work best according to market detects ... er .. I mean according to market dictates."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

She must be on her coffee break

At the 9:23 am mark of this mornings Gormley open mouth show, an extremely hard core right wing woman named 'Sharon' phoned in. She started off by saying that she works for the provincial government. (Excuse me darling, are you on your coffee break or are you phoning Gormley on the taxpayers nickel? - And by the way, are you listening to Gormley on the radio at work while we pay you to actually work for the people of Saskatchewan?).

She then went on to say that all provincial parks should be privatized. (Not sure what the context of that gem was??).

The caller then related that she and her husband own rental properties and that they drove around and took down an NDP lawn sign that one of their tenants had put up! HUH! Mr. Gormley's little caller is breaking the law as stipulated in The Saskatchewan Election Act.

Another morning in the Right Wing paradise known as John Gormley Live.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rawlco Radio's first phony 'snap poll' of the election

Gormley's first phony 'snap poll' results are in. What a joke!


The entire cost of -John Gormley Live- should be a Saskatchewan Party election expense

Rawlco Radio's acute Sask Party bias is not even in question anymore.

For twenty hours a week (8:30 mornings to 12:30 noon), over the next four weeks, John Gormley's live talk show will be a non-stop commercial for Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

Clearly, the entire cost of the show, production, salaries, etc. should be tallied up by Saskatchewan's Chief Electoral Officer and added on to the Sask Party's election spending amount.

Don't let Mr. Gormley feign anything but the truth. Rawlco Radio, the entire lot of them, are dupes for the Saskatchewan Party.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's time for criminal charges in the Rob Norris financial scandal

Brad Wall gives $1.300 in capital spending per student to SIAST and the U of S. But for St. Peters College $60,000 per student was handed out! And from the tax money intended for construction, almost $900,000 was spent on day to day operations!

NDP Education Critic Cam Broten called on the Sask Party government today to provide an update on whether criminal charges will be laid in relation to Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris’s failed attempt to merge St. Peter's College and Carlton Trail Regional College. Broten also called for the government to be clear about whether the decision about criminal charges was made by provincial government officials or sent out-of-province to avoid any political interference.

“We’ve had several months of silence from the Sask Party government on this important file and the people of Saskatchewan have a right to know what is going on,” Broten said. “This merger scandal involves an appointed joint-CEO who was closely tied to the inner circle of the government through his $1,000 per year membership in the elite Sask Party Enterprise Club. It involves government-appointed board members, including a former Sask Party nomination candidate, who ignored concerns and belittled the whistle blowers. And both Rob Norris and Humboldt MLA Donna Harpauer were involved in this project. So I would hope that the determination about whether or not to lay criminal charges was made by out-of-province prosecutors.”

Broten noted that Rob Norris delivered over $60,000 per student in capital funding to St. Peter's College – compared to just $1,300 per student to SIAST and the University of Saskatchewan – despite the fact that the joint-CEO had a criminal history of defrauding the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

Three independent reports released at the end of June outlined many damning findings related to the failed merger, including that taxpayers' dollars were used inappropriately; over $874,000 of public capital funding was actually used for operational expenditures at St. Peter’s College; and a special transfer of $60,000 of taxpayers' money to St. Peter’s was well timed with the purchase of a luxury SUV for the joint-CEO and member of the elite Sask Party Enterprise Club.

While responding to those three reports, Rob Norris spoke of the existence of a fourth independent report which outlines the specific details of potential criminal behaviour in the scandal, however he refused to provide further information about what is contained in that fourth report.

“The Sask Party government has demonstrated very poor judgment throughout this entire process and they have had to be pushed to do the right thing at every step of the way,” Broten said. “We’ve been waiting for months to hear what is in that fourth independent report, who it points the finger at in terms of criminal behavior, and whether any criminal charges will actually be laid. It’s time for the government to answer these questions and to make it clear who made the decision about criminal charges.”

press release from Cam Broten MLA

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brad Wall trys to pull a fast one but fortunately got caught

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
by James Woods

The legislative press gallery was thrown into a, well, let's just call it a tizzy, on Monday morning when reporters checked the orders in council from the previous week's cabinet meeting.

Included was a bombshell - a letter of agreement saying Ed Carleton had been named chief of staff to Premier Brad Wall and that he was getting a pay raise to $9,017 a month.

Carleton, Wall's childhood friend, has been executive of the Saskatoon cabinet office since the Saskatchewan Party took office in 2007. As well, he is a former University of Saskatchewan Huskies linebacker who has served as defensive co-ordinator for the football team since 1993.

Reporters were perplexed by the news because there had been no hint that current chief of staff Joe Donlevy - one of the premier's most relied-on advisers - was planning on stepping down. And Carleton, based in Saskatoon, would not have been viewed as a likely person to fill the post in any case.

But things got even more confusing when questions started flying at the government and no one in communications seemed to know anything about the major personnel shift.

Finally, Reg Downs, the premier's senior adviser, was able to set the record straight - both Carleton and Donlevy are staying in the same place.

The problem was the letter's "somewhat strange wording" Carleton was to be chief of staff, but of the Saskatoon cabinet office, and the change in title was to better reflect his duties.

And the pay raise? That, according to Downs, was a mistake. The change in title was to be accompanied by the same salary as before - $8,202 a month - and the letter has to be amended.

Reporters naturally wondered whether Carleton's raise would have gone through if they hadn't asked about the order.

But the government maintains somebody would have caught it.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The extremely short memory of the Saskatchewan Party

In 2003, the Saskatchewan Party opposition was roundly condemned for fabricating a quote by then Minister, Maynard Sonntag:

"At issue was a quote attributed to Crown Investment Corp. Minister Maynard Sonntag, supposedly from a June 13, 2000, debate on the budget estimates. It quoted Sonntag saying: "With respect to Con-Force in the construction of the buildings, they were jointly owned. The ownership was Con-Force 51 per cent and ourselves 49 per cent."

Here's what Hansard indicates Sonntag said: "First of all, with respect to Con-Force in the construction of the buildings, they were jointly owned but they were entirely debt-financed and SaskWater -- the Spudco division of SaskWater -- subsequently bought Con-Force out."

Not only did the Opposition completely distort Sonntag's statement, but it did so to make the point that there needed to be a special legislative investigation of him for "lying to the legislature." That's not just irresponsible. It's contemptible."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Feb 26, 2003. pg. A.12

The Saskatchewan Party never did apologize for their 'contemptible' actions.

Every since, the Saskatchewan Party has gone out of its way to find anything that the NDP has published that does not have all the i's dotted and the T's crossed. Too funny!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Saskatchewan's Incompetent Finance Minister

Today in Question Period, Finance Minister Ken Krawetz kept referring to Saskatchewan's Provincial Auditor as 'he'.

Problem for Ken is that Saskatchewan's Provincial Auditor is Bonnie Lysyk.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sask Party Speaker tosses Trew from the Legislature for telling the truth about McMorris's lie

The most one sided, partisan Speaker in any Canadian Legislature presides over the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. Yesterday, he threw an NDP Member out of the Legislature for telling the truth.

If Health Minister Don McMorris had any class at all, he would find a way to keep his word to this poor woman. But this is Wall's 'new' Saskatchewan. Billions of dollars in profits for PotashCorp. Nothing for the people of the province.


Monday, April 11, 2011

How do you define 'cheap'?

(Hat tip to Pierre Bourque)

When little girl guides come knocking on your door selling cookies, the intent is to raise funds for a wonderful international youth organization.

Here we have a Saskatchewan Conservative Member of Parliament, who earns a base salary of $157,731 from taxpayers. When little cherub faced girl guides knocked on his door, he grudgingly added a $1 donation to his $4 box of cookies - and then complained that he never pays full price and can't even get any votes for his generous $1 gift.

Voters in Saskatoon-Humboldt should be aware of Mr. Trost's unflinching and magnanimous generosity in the community.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Minister Billy Boyd Continues To Act Like An Employee Of The Potash Cartel

You really have to wonder who Minister Billy Boyd thinks he works for. Even though the taxpayers of Saskatchewan pay his wages, Billy Boyd seems to be putting the interests of the Potash cartel ahead of the people of Saskatchewan. Shame.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Morning and welcome to listeners of Rawlco Radio's John Gormley Show!

Yes! Sask Party Watch wants to wish a very good morning and welcome to listeners of Rawlco Radio's John Gormley Show!

(Although, with ratings for the show as low as they are, there won't be all that many to welcome here today - probably just Trent, Mike, Paulie and that other guy with the bad adenoids who calls in to the show every day!)

((And special greetings to Mr. Gord Rawlinson, up in Edmonton, who is making all of this Gormley stuff possible for Saskatchewan radio listeners!))


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brad Wall wants to keep Liberals, Greens and PC's out of next Leader's Debate

Surprise, surprise. Brad Wall doesn't want the Green, Liberal or (gasp) PC leaders in the upcoming Saskatchewan leader's debate. I think the fact that Rick Swenson will finally have a public forum to ask Wall the hard questions about the stolen PC Trust Fund, will make watching the debate fun all by itself.

I can already see the beads of sweat breaking out on Mr. Wall's face when Rick Swenson confronts him. Maybe Wall will be smart and resolve the issue before it gets to that.

"politicians all a twitter"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No lunch for you

The public is now aware that the Saskatchewan Party has a secret club. Until recently, for a thousand dollar donation to the party, you got a number of perks. Reporters and pundits have been unable to get Premier Wall to disclose what these perks are. We'd like to speculate. For the mere sum of $1000, we think that you got lunch with Premier Wall, a golf game with Wall and some cabinet ministers, a secret decoder ring, a coffee mug, an autographed picture of Brad Wall, a tee shirt and a nice chunk of potash.

Since we don't know what you actually 'do' get for the thousand dollar club membership, we simply hope that someone will fill us in.

Enterprise club lunch cancelled

Saturday, March 26, 2011

'NDP Boogeyman' Outed!

We now know that the libelous Saskatchewan Party blog known as 'ndpboogeyman' is authored by a prominent online troll who goes by the name of 'Mike the Greek' 'Mike C' or just 'the Greek'. He is a regular caller to the John Gormley radio talk show.

Mike is a prominent Saskatoon businessman in the insurance business who has a long history with Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party. Along with notorious Sask Party troll, Trent Lalonde, Mike has been slandering New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives for years. That may be about to change!

He is John Gormley's facebook friend (and Twitter pal) as well as Ezra Levant's and half the Saskatchewan Party caucus.

On any given day, ndpboogeyman publishes a post and within a few minutes Gormley mentions it on his radio show. It appears that Mr. Gormley may be very much involved in this online smear strategy on behalf of Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

It's a good thing that 'Mike the Greek' has some lawyer friends because he just may need them. Mind you neither Gormley nor Ezra are renowned for their lawyering, rather both are in the business of political commentary.

Word on the interwebs has it that Mr. Gormley is some ticked that he has been defamed regarding his skill as a lawyer. Phhhtt! He should perhaps get a thicker skin and read the fine print from way way back on the very first post on this blog

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memo To Minister Of Justice, Hon. Don Morgan QC

TO: Minister Don Morgan QC
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

FROM: Taxpayers of Saskatchewan

RE: Regional College Scandal

Dear Minister Morgan, please accept our wishes for the quick return of your voice. We must assume that you have a sore throat and are unable to rise to your feet in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly and answer questions directed to you in Question Period. While your colleague, Mr. Boyd, wants to assist and answer for you, we would like to hear from you.

Please get well soon!

Memo To Minister Rob Norris

TO: Minister Rob Norris
Minister of Advanced Education,
Employment and Labour

FROM: Taxpayers of Saskatchewan

RE: Regional College Scandal


Because It's Really All About Brad Wall !!

Saskatchewan Party Introduces Corporate Budget Because PotashCorp Needs More Tax Breaks


Monday, March 21, 2011

(1) Sask Party Has Secret 'Club' - For $1000 Gives Access To Premier And Cabinet (2) Wall's Pal Caught With Hands In The Till

(1) Who are you going to believe - Brad Wall or a well respected Saskatchewan Priest?

"Last week, the Saskatchewan Party cancelled (Glen) Kobussen's "Enterprise Club" membership after it was learned St. Peter’s College, which is located in Muenster, had paid it for it. The co-chair of St. Peter's board of governors, Father Demetrius Wasylyniuk, said the college paid because it wanted the CEO to increase his "exposure" to the political process. At the time, St. Peter's was trying to merge with the Saskatchewan government's Carlton Trail."www.cbc.ca

(2) Glen Kobussen was hired by the Brad Wall government to act as CEO for two small rural colleges even though he was found guilty of five counts of fraud in 1995 for siphoning money from the Saskatchewan professional firefighters burn fund charity. He later received a pardon. That was good enough for Brad Wall and off to work he went.

Problem was, because the two colleges are slated for a merger, the Wall administration contracted with an accounting firm to look at the books and governance issues prior to the merger.

Guess what the accountants found? Glen Kobussen is alleged to have undertaken sufficient financial improprieties that he has now been fired. The accountants found that "The memo raised concerns that Kobussen had been charging St. Peter's College twice for reimbursement of travel expenses by claiming mileage as well as gas and repair costs on his college credit card.

Burgess also raised concerns that a 52-inch Sony television purchased by the college and picked up by Kobussen had never been accounted for.

The report also shows Kobussen made a $1,000 donation to the Saskatchewan Party to join its "Enterprise Club." That amount was reimbursed to him by St. Peter's, which Burgess described in his report as "not a normal expense in the everyday ordinary operation of the college." An official with the Sask. Party government later said the money was being returned by the party to St. Peter's."
Saskatoon SP

Old Man Sweating, Trying To Look Youthful

(Who the hell in the Saskatchewan Party brain-trust thought this would be a good idea?) ((pants look a little wet))