Saturday, March 26, 2011

'NDP Boogeyman' Outed!

We now know that the libelous Saskatchewan Party blog known as 'ndpboogeyman' is authored by a prominent online troll who goes by the name of 'Mike the Greek' 'Mike C' or just 'the Greek'. He is a regular caller to the John Gormley radio talk show.

Mike is a prominent Saskatoon businessman in the insurance business who has a long history with Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party. Along with notorious Sask Party troll, Trent Lalonde, Mike has been slandering New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives for years. That may be about to change!

He is John Gormley's facebook friend (and Twitter pal) as well as Ezra Levant's and half the Saskatchewan Party caucus.

On any given day, ndpboogeyman publishes a post and within a few minutes Gormley mentions it on his radio show. It appears that Mr. Gormley may be very much involved in this online smear strategy on behalf of Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

It's a good thing that 'Mike the Greek' has some lawyer friends because he just may need them. Mind you neither Gormley nor Ezra are renowned for their lawyering, rather both are in the business of political commentary.

Word on the interwebs has it that Mr. Gormley is some ticked that he has been defamed regarding his skill as a lawyer. Phhhtt! He should perhaps get a thicker skin and read the fine print from way way back on the very first post on this blog